All I do is for you.

I forget. I forget this a lot. Like. A LOT. During my days it’s easy to resent how little help I have. How much I have to do. How little time there is to do it all. And oh my we only have one of these miniature humans. How we both feel like we’re running around passing a baby back and forth, resentful when the other person takes a ‘break’. ‘What about ME?’ my heart so frequently asks.

But what if all (and I mean ALL) that I do is not for me. Or for Gordon. Or even for this little boy? What if all that I do is for You?

How does that change things? How does that change my perspective? My heart?

I don’t quite know yet. But I want to find out. Jesus help me to live like this. To live in this awareness that every nappy I change, every vegetable I steam, every time I’m hauling the pram up and down the stairs, every time he’s inconsolable and fussy, every time I recoil at the smell of me (all sour milk and spit up), every load of washing I hang out, every sock I fold, every midnight hour…..all of it is for you.

And let me be changed by this.image


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